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Awakening of Love: Path of Love Introductory workshop


Aol Bali flyer


With Gina and Samved


Bali, January 19-21


Please click here for more information.


Since our first Path of Love retreat in 1997, Path Retreats have welcomed participants from approximately 115 countries ranging in age from 17 to 84, from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, and have conducted retreats in over 38 countries and in 7 languages.


Path of Love (7 days) is our flagship retreat. Awakening of on the Path (AoP), the Path of Love weekend workshop, is a wonderful way of tasting what Path Retreats have to offer. The next AoP is in Melbourne, on October 4-6. 
In addition to being an introduction to Path of Love (POL) and the Path Retreats approach to inner work, Awakening on the Path is also a transformative process in its own right.
At AoP you can process longstanding and current issues, in a safe and caring environment, and fall in love with life again. The weekend creates trust, joy and a deep sense of belonging and connection - with others, yourself and the world around you.
Participants get intensive individual attention from facilitators. While the approach is flexible, to meet you where you are, the process is structured to provide a strong and safe container.



Self Worthy: with Rupda

Melbourne: 17-19, April 2020

Kind Counselling is very happy to be able to bring Rupda to Melbourne to lead this workshop. (Click this link for more about Rupda)

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You may also want to consider:

Path of Love, 7 day residential transformational retreat, March 2020

For more information please see: Path of Love website.



'Breakdown or breakthrough? Leading approaches to understanding and working with 'psychosis' and spiritual emergence from a transpersonal perspective (2 weekends / 5 days)


A course for people working in the field of mental health, conducted over 2 weekends (friday night, saturday and sunday).


Based on a synthesis of the work of leading transpersonal authorities (from Jung, to the Grofs, to lesser-known figures such as JW Perry and Australia's own John Watkins), combined with learning from clinical practice of working with people that have undergone spiritual emergence experiences, this course will give you an understanding of the differences (and common ground) between transpersonal and mainstream understanding of what Western medicine calls 'psychosis', and resources to support:

  • clients presenting with of after a 'psychosis' diagnosis
  • you to self-care in working in this arena


Rather than the demoralising perspective traditionally provided by Westerm medical models, transpersonal approaches provide hope and healing. This course is a rich and nourishing journey through the most progressive approaches to negotiate 'break down' towards 'break through'.


Please email me for the next course dates in Byron Bay and Melbourne