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Therapeutic Resources


Here are recommended books, podcasts and other resources:



On boundaries:


A wonderful discussion between Brene Brown and Russel Brand. Apart from considering larger questions about how to be in the world, spirituality and politics, personal empowerment and compassion, there is a particularly good section on the importance of boundaries and how to set them (from around 30 - 1.05) and also about good parenting boundaries.




Tara Brach on healing self doubt (talks about how we externalise self doubt and self hatred)


On love and relationships:


A New Vision for Intimate Relationship : free video series by Thomas Hubl and Terry Real (https://newvision.pages.ontraport.net/cl-video-register)


Tara Brach on 'Learning to respond not react', which also tyalks about how not to believe our thoughts:

A great talk by Thomas Hubl on intimacy and growth in relationship 


Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Wellwood


Books by Krish and Amana Trobe (Learning Love Institute) & an interview by Krish and Amana: In this interview Krish talkes about what it means to be a real and more evolved man and how important it is to embrace both sides inside, the masculine and the feminine. He shares his insights about the significance of being vulnerable and how this creates a nourishing, fulfilling, soothing and deep relationship for both partners. He highlights the challenges in facing our own wounds and understanding our own emotional package in order to be successful on a common journey.

In the second part of the conversation Amana speaks about why it is crucial to catch the moment when we get disturbed in order to have the option to not only react out of an old pattern, but to decide whether we want to act from a place of reflected wisdom. Furthermore we talked about the fact that growth happens when we get disappointed, and manage to take responsibility and deal with our feelings. Sensitively, Amana shares how the exploration of these inner spaces opens a door to deeply hidden feelings and by getting in touch with and by expressing these feelings, we become empowered and learn how to create intimacy.
Radical Love Pt 1by Tara Brach

On healing from Trauma:


Freedom from Pain by Peter Levie (includes an audio CD of exercises .. about emotional as well as physical pain)


Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine


The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel VanDerKolk


Finding one's purpose:


Comfort versus purpose, an excellent talk by David Deida on living one's highest purpose ... and about what gets in the way


General health and wellbeing:


Genius Foods, an excellent synthesis of the latest research on food and dietary health


Podcastrs and other audio


Krishna Dass workshop sampler